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We have the widest range of industrial intake air filtration supplies from the leading filtration suppliers including:

  • Dollinger
  • Consler
  • Solberg
  • Endustra
  • IFM
  • Sunshine
  • Ingersoll Rand

Industrial Intake Air Filters

Shawndra | Sparks | Dollinger | Solberg | Consler

Norspec Filtration is Canada's leading supplier of industrial intake air filters for Power Generation, Refinery, Steel, Foundry, and all industries requiring effective and efficient intake air filtration. We have a comprehensive line of intake air filters and replacement elements for compressors and blowers to fit Dollinger, Consler, Solberg, Endustra, IFM, Sunshine, Ingersoll Rand and more and many others:

  • Air intake filter housings
  • Air intake filter/silencers
  • Vacuum pump filter housings
  • Compressor intake air filters
  • Blower gas turbine air intake filtration
  • Oil mist air intake filtration
  • Air intake Cartridges

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